Langeberg mountain water to the rescue

South Africa is facing its worst drought in 33 years, affecting crop and livestock farmers all over the Western Cape and in the rest of South Africa. For many farmers, natural water shortage is a major problem, and with much needed rains staying away and dams at an all-time low, many of them fear the worst for the next harvest. Mardouw in Swellendam, however, is in a unique position to cope with drought spells.

“Our trees have successfully blossomed a month ago and are now settling in preparation to start growing fruit,” says Chris van Niekerk, general manager at Mardouw. “While the unusual drought does pose a number of challenges, Mardouw’s olive trees are quite privileged with the unlimited supply of ice-cold, fresh mountain water gushing down the surrounding Langeberg Mountains. We believe that this drought will hardly affect our next harvest, and look forward to a promising season.”

Impact of draught on olive trees in Swellendam, South Africa