Premium, gold winning olive oils

Still brimming with joy and pride after receiving two gold medals for our medium and intense extra virgin olive oils. While the international minimum standards for extra virgin olive oil require lab results of no more than 0.8% Free Fatty Acid and 20MEQ/KG Peroxide Value, our Mardouw Intense XXV’s lab results show a remarkable 0.35%FFA and 4.0MEQ/KG PV, while our Medium #EVOO resulted in 0.27% FFA and 5.8MEQ/KG PV. If you’re in #Germany between 7 and 11 OCT, come and taste our award-winning oils at the South African Pavilion for Fine Food at Anuga in Cologne on (HALL 11.1 B050G, A050G, A051G)

Gold South Africa Olive Oil