South African Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Virgin olive oils are the oils obtained from the fruit of the olive tree (Olea europaea L. ) solely by mechanical or other physical means under conditions, particularly thermal conditions, that do not lead to alterations in the oil, and which have not undergone any treatment other than washing, decantation, centrifugation and filtration.

Olive oil is only Extra Virgin if the free fatty “oleic” acid content is below 0,8%. That’s the international standard, promulgated by the International Olive Council. Mardouw’s lab results return consistently remarkably low values: 0.24% FFA and 4.0 meq/kg PV for XXV, and 0.37% FFA and 6.0 meq/kg PV for EVOO

Mardouw’s premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a pure, natural oil made from hand-picked olives, same-day cold extraction (or “cold-pressed”) and blending of the best cultivars at the privately owned Mardouw Olive Estate in Swellendam, South Africa.

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