XXV Extra Extra Virgin

Mardouw’s flagship XXV is a superior extra virgin olive oil

The Mardouw flagship XXV Intense is special in that it is an exceptionally balanced extra virgin olive oil from a single Cortina cultivar. What Mardouw’s resident olive oil maker accomplishes here, is no mean feat. While Coratina is known to be a overly bitter and peppery cultivar, and is mostly used in a blend with other less potent cultivars, the Mardouw XXV Intense boasts a remarkably complex but well-balanced, fruity, bitter and peppery flavour – not as a result of blending, but as a result of a technically delicate fine-tuning in the oil’s production process of green Coratina olives only. The entire process, from blossom to harvest, from basket to bottle, including tweaking of equipment and filtering, is controlled with a very precise and fine end result in mind.


Mardouw XXV